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A Day at the Office – Matt Dunn

A Day at the Office – Matt Dunn

Source: Personal Copy

Blurb: Julie kissed Mark at the office Christmas party. She doesn’t seem to remember, but he’s not been able to forget. What better day to jog her memory than Valentine’s Day?

Calum’s found the girl of his dreams on the internet. Trouble is, he’s not been completely honest about himself. Tonight he’s meeting her for the first time. But will it also be the last?

Nathan’s organised his usual Anti-Valentine’s party for the office singletons. Sophie’s going – again. Though this year, if she gets her way, they might just be leaving together.

One office, five lives, on the most romantic day of the year.

Review: Okay, I like Matt Dunn and his work. He’s charmingly witty regardless of what he is writing about and has some really good plots. All is the same here with A Day At The Office. From the plot to the characters the twists and the excitement, it has all been cleverly put together to have you desperately needing and wanting more, typical Matt Dunn.

The first chapter covers everything about the characters in the story and allows you to straight away form opinions and bonds. Just as you think it’s getting a bit repetitive though it throws in an eye popping twist which has you grinning and knowing that from here its only going to get better.

The books full of giggles and smiles, has a small bit of seriousness, but has some serious cheesiness too it too. That’s not my cup of tea at all, but I will let it slide for the fact that people are actually cheesy in real life aren’t they? The shame!! One thing I found amusing was a few little things that may have come from a certain office in a TV sitcom that I’m a huge fan of. Two of these particular comments had me laughing out loud remembering a certain episode. Coincidence maybe? Still funny and good to know that Mr. Dunn has fabulous taste in TV.

Book is a winner, I’d recommend it to you if you’re wanting something light, quick and funny, but still has the overall mushy girly stuff in it too.

Funny, quirky, misunderstood love & forgivable cheesiness. What’s not to love?



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