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Legally Wed – Ciara O’Neill

Legally Wed – Ciara O’Neill

Source: Author request

Blurb: Business professional Mia Lombard is faced with the ultimate test: marry her boss to save his employees’ jobs or risk losing her own job and much loved home.

Max Dylan isn’t exactly Frankenstein and when he discovers his UK work permit has expired, the wealthy American financier could call on any number of models or starlets to marry him so he can stay in the country. Knowing that a marriage to a greedy social climber could bleed him dry, he agrees to his colleague’s suggestion to get married for appearances only.

Mia and Max invent a convincing cover story for their supposed secret romance and sudden marriage which leaves no one with any trouble believing they’re love birds. Initially, Mia has no difficulty with the pretence as she’s had a crush on Max for years but after discovering they have to stay hitched for three years wonders if she can commit that much of her life. It would mean shelving any chance of meeting someone else and having a family.
Then the unexpected happens. Max, who’s always kept his work relationships professional, seems to fancy her.

Can Mia commit to three years, living with Max on a platonic basis? Or is she brave enough to jump in and enjoy a ‘no strings’ sizzling fling with while she can?

Review: Ever done this after finishing a book? “Noooo don’t finish!!” I bet you all know that feeling, don’t you? You get that engrossed in a book that when it ends you’re fuming. You don’t want it to end. In this case, with legally wed I wanted to stay in the warmth love of Max and Mia Dylan and their gorgeous families 😦 I’m not even writing a proper review. You’ve got the synopsis and you’ve got my honest word that this book is sensational. You will be seriously trapped into a gorgeous love story with the pleasures of family love and scandal. It’s honestly bursting with so much charm and Love that you can’t help but get attached to the characters and become a part of their world.

This little gems going in to my favourite shelf. Perfect for any one wanting a great romance/chick-lit book.



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