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Yes Chef, No Chef – Susan Willis

Yes Chef, No Chef – Susan Willis

Source: Review Copy courtesy of Endeavour Press – Thank you!

Blurb: Can kneading bread dough be erotic when your man is behind you nibbling at your ear? And is it always bad manners to refuse an invite into your hunky neighbours greenhouse to examine his glorious courgettes?

Those are just two of the issues Katie has to wrestle with in this sparkling romantic comedy from Susan Willis.

When Katie’s partner Tim lands a dream job as the head chef at a smart London restaurant, he suddenly changes. From the sweet-natured, food loving guy she fell for, he becomes unbearably arrogant. ‘Yes Chef, No Chef’ respond his cowed assistants as he barks orders at them across a steamy kitchen. But when he starts thinking he can treat Katie like that as well, she won’t stand for it. After a huge row, she walks out on him.

With the help of her two close friends she rebuilds her single life, starts a catering business — and soon discovers she can make a huge success of it. As the business grows and grows, Tim realises what he has lost when he let her go.

But when he wants her back, Katie does not know what to do. Will she say ‘Yes, Chef.’ Or ‘No, Chef…’

Review: Yes chef, No chef is a typical chicklit book of, friendship, drama and love. It is based on the relationship of Katie and Tim. Katie is a pleasurable, hard-working, lovable girl who you connect to more or less straight away. Tim is her obnoxious, arrogant partner who likes a drink and has a huge stubborn streak.

The story watches their relationship crumble and both trying to lead a life apart. Katie with the help of her two best friends Sarah and Lisa. Tim with his colleagues Jessie, Simon and best friend Luke. With both focusing on their careers to help them along, Tim in his new role as head chef and Katie’s case a new culinary adventure cooking for Discernible men. Or to you and me men who can’t cook.

I connected with both Katie and Tim in different ways. You really do feel for both of them and wish them both not to be so stubborn. Katie ends up in some sticky situations which will have you giggling along to and Tim well you either want to punch him in the mouth or hug him.

The book has been written from both sides of Katie and Tim’s relationship. Now, I like books wrote this way, I find it easier to read and gives better depth and understanding of the characters and their personalities. With this book though, it seems to side more with Katie. Even though Tim does have his say, to me it does tend to lean more towards her. Now this may be deliberate, I’m unsure but, it throws you slightly. It also doesn’t run very clearly between both either. You end up back tracking a few days with the next person and it loses a bit of depth and anticipation. I also found that sometimes the food references where a bit over powering. It seemed like it was constantly being thrown in my face. I understand the books based on both their love and passion of food and the author felt the need to be foodie, but in my opinion it wasn’t necessary, the story was strong enough to hold its own with less food references and less comments about tastes and flavours, well you get the picture.

I liked this book regardless of the few little things that bugged me. The story was good and had me enticed. I really loved the friendships of Katie, Lisa and Sarah. How they reminded you of you and your friends. But most of all I loved the understanding that romance and lost sparks of relationships don’t last forever, but are always still inside you somewhere, waiting to be found and waiting to be rekindled.



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