Posted in 2014

📚 Book Review – Cold Feet At Christmas

Cold Feet At Christmas – Debbie Johnson
Source: e-copy courtesy of Harper Impulse via Netgalley.

Running out on your wedding shouldn’t be this much fun!

A remote Scottish castle on a snowy Christmas Eve. A handsome husband-to-be. A dress to die for. It should have been the happiest day of Leah Harvey’s life – but the fairytale wedding turns sour when she finds her fiancé halfway up the bridesmaid’s skirt just hours before the ceremony!

Fleeing the scene in a blizzard, Leah ends up stranded at the nearest cottage, where she collapses into the arms of its inhabitant – a man so handsome she thinks she must have died and gone to heaven!

And when Rob Cavelli suddenly finds himself with an armful of soaking wet, freezing cold, and absolutely gorgeous bride on the run, he’s more than happy to welcome her into his snowbound cottage this Christmas…

With a cover and blurb like that, this was a Christmas book I knew I needed to read. It looked and sounded like Christmas in chick lit form. And, to be fair it actually is Christmas in chick lit form.

It is without a doubt one of the best Christmas reads I’ve ever read. It is full to bursting with emotion, scandal, drama, twists and turns. It is fabulous!

Do you know what has shocked me more about this book? It isn’t the fact that it has a great plot. It isn’t the fact that it has amazing characters that you fall in love with and form deep connections too. It isn’t the fact that it’s really funny. And, it isn’t the fact that it has been one of the only books in a very long time that has been able to make me feel heartache so raw that it hurts. It is the fact that I did not just get the usual Christmas chick lit I expected. I got a fantastic chick lit/new adult mix that was as hot as hell. It was brilliance! It is certainly a read I won’t be forgetting in a while, and one I know for me as blown other Christmas books out the door.

It is a brilliant mix of love and hate, good and bad, love and lust. It is a Christmas cracker that when opened bangs louder than little drummer boys drum, and gives you an actual diamond tiara over a paper crown!

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