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πŸ“š Book Review – Fish Out Of Water

Fish Out Of Water – Natalie Whipple
Source: Review copy courtesy of Hot Key Books – Thanks guys.

Mika Arlington was supposed to spend the summer after her junior year shadowing her marine biologist parents at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, but when her estranged grandmother randomly shows up on the doorstep one day, those plans are derailed. Because Grandma Betty isn’t here to play niceβ€”she is cranky, intolerant of Mika’s mixed-race-couple parents, and oh yeah she has Alzheimer’s and is out of money. While Mika’s family would rather not deal with Grandma Betty, they don’t have much choice. And despite Mika’s protests, she is roped into caring for a person that seems impossible to have compassion for. And if that wasn’t hard enough, Mika must train the new guy at her pet shop job who wants to be anywhere else, and help a friend through her own family crisis. Something’s gotta a give, but whichever ball Mika drops means losing someone she loves. Not exactly a recipe for Best Summer Everβ€”or is it?

My Review:
I think I may just crowned my queen of YA.

Last year Natalie Whipple blew me away with her Transparent series. So, when I got told she was releasing her very first contemporary read I was seriously excited. Fish out of water may not have the prettiest of covers, nor the best blurb – which to me is an issue because let’s face it we are all cover snobs no matter how hard we pretend we’re not. On top of that it’s YA! If you want the audience, you need a cover that will catch their attention. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, it may not have them but it certainly doesn’t need them. It is just brilliant!

The thing I loved most about this book is the openness surrounding mental health, racism, social structure and family preferences. It’s clever, honest and incredibly endearing. By covering these issues Natalie Whipple has been able to show us many different sides to these things. It’s not been done in a way to make you think. It’s been done to let you appreciate diversity, culture, strength, life. It lets us see the the other side without it being pushed in our faces. Clever, Meticulous writing.
So, obviously the plot is incredible. Well it would have to be after I’d just said all that wouldn’t it? But honestly it is. It’s a modern day cinderella sorry but twisted the other way around.
Heroine, Mika is amazing. A grounded, heart working, lovely girl who just wants to love her family and friends and be a marine biologist like her parents. It’s not her fault her friends aren’t involving her in things and her boss’s nephew decides to start working with her and comprises her to a deal. Who wouldn’t say yes when he’s so utterly charming and handsome? It’s not her fault her grandma has alzaimers and hates her and her mum because they’re Japanese. She just wants an easy life and to eat curry. She’s thrown into all this is one week too. She’s amazing and I love her and I don’t care what anyone says she’s my favourite YA heroine ever.
As for the troublesome nephew. Can I have him? I know I’m like married and old and stuff but seriously?

I don’t love the cover but I do love this book. I love Natalie Whipple. I love HotKey Books.


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