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Book Review – I Knew You Were Trouble

📚I Knew You Were Trouble: A Jessie Jefferson Novel by Paige Toon.

⚪️Source: review copy courtesy of Simon & Schuster – Thank you!


⚪️Blurb: Life as the undercover daughter of a rock god isn’t going to be easy. How will Jessie adjust to her old boring life again after spending her summer living it up with her dad in LA? With tough decisions ahead (and not just choosing between two hot boys), can she cope juggling her two very different lives? 

Summer may be over, but Jessie’s story is just beginning…

Sunshine, rock gods and Hollywood hearthrobs! Jessie Jefferson is back in the next instalment from bestselling author Paige Toon. Perfect for fans of Geek Girl, Jessica Cole and Girl Online.

⚪️My Review: Thinking I was dead good and clever I jumped into I Knew You Were Trouble straight after I had finished the first book in the series, The Accidental Life of Jessie Jefferson. Book Bloggers perks and all that. Why did I do that? Why? WHY? I can’t wait over a frigging year for the next instalment. To be continued… can kiss my arse! Oh am fuming with myself here.

Yet again with the excitement, ultimate thrill of the chase, magnetic and charming characters and fantastic plot Paige Toon has shown the YA world that, yes, she is still a newbie, but she’s shit hot and they should all be scared. 

IKYWT is all about the feels. And, I mean ALL about the feels. One minute you’re giggling, the next you’re fighting the lump in your throat. One minute you’re fuming, the next minute your wide-eyed and excited. You become Jessie in every single one of them moments. You feel the rawness in her heart and in her mind. It’s pretty full on like, but pretty awesome too. Watching her relationship with her dad Johnny grow is so heart burstingly beautiful it chokes you up so much. How proud they are of each other. It’s so lovely. It’s also extremely exciting to watch her play who will it be between boys. To be rally honest with you it does have a bit of heat to it too. Not that that’s a bad thing at all. See I told you all about the feels.

Oh I am absolutely hating myself for carrying straight on because I don’t want to wait for the next part in the series. I am going to drive Paige and S&S crazy over the next 12 months requesting an arc. I wonder when it’s due? As if I’m waiting and writing this when I could be emailing and asking. 

In a bit peeps!

Oh and go pre-order this book! 

Oh and you can read it as a stand alone all back info is there. 

Oh and go buy The Accidental Life of Jessie Jefferson too. 

And, oh god I’m a tit! 


⚪️Link to buy: 


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