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BOOK REVIEW – Only We Know

📚Only We Know by Simon Packham.

⚪️Source: review copy courtesy of HotKey Books – Thank you!


⚪️Blurb: What is the secret of Lauren’s past?

Lauren’s family have moved house very suddenly, and she and her sister Tilda have to go to a new school. Lauren’s determined to reinvent herself, but she’s panic-stricken when she sees Harry, who she knew a few years ago. Luckily Harry doesn’t recognise her, and she knows she has to make sure it stays like that. 
Lauren, unlike Tilda, settles in well. She makes friends, is helping to organise the school fashion show, and has boys asking her out. But just as her life finally seems to be looking up she starts receiving macabre packages. When she gets a message: ‘Isn’t it time your new friends knew all about you?’ she has to admit that someone knows her secret. But who – and what should she do?

⚪️ Review: I think this has honestly been the only book that has ever made me gobsmacked with a twist. 

One of the best, original and inspiring YA books ever! 


Yeah, sorry for the absolutely massive and detailed review. It’s just one of them books that leave you speechless and ones you know no matter what you write it will not do it justice. Plus, spoilers! 

⚪️ Link to buy:

⚪️ Book details:

Publisher: Piccadilly Press Ltd

Publication date: 4 Jun 2015

Language: English

Book length: 240
ISBN-10: 1848124279

ISBN-13: 978-1848124271


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