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BOOK REVIEW: Sophie Someone

📚Sophie Someone by Hayley Long.

⚪️Source: review copy courtesy of Hot Key Books – Thank you!


⚪️Blurb: ‘Some stories are hard to tell.

Even to your very best friend. 

And some words are hard to get out of your mouth. Because they spell out secrets that are too huge to be spoken out loud.

But if you bottle them up, you might burst.

So here’s my story. Told the only way I dare tell it.’

Sophie Nieuwenleven is sort of English and sort of Belgian. Sophie and her family came to live in Belgium when she was only four or five years old, but she’s fourteen now and has never been quite sure why they left England in the first place. Then, one day, Sophie makes a startling discovery. Finally Sophie can unlock the mystery of who she really is. This is a story about identity and confusion – and feeling so utterly freaked out that you just can’t put it into words. But it’s also about hope. And the belief that, somehow, everything will work out OK.

⚪️Review: What a crazy and wonderful book this is. I have just put it down with a huge smile on my face. It is a book full of warmth and life and secrets and family and friendship, but most importantly it’s about you. How you should try to be strong when you’re at your weakest, to hold your head up high when you want the ground to swallow you up, to be kind to yourself, because only you get the right to do that, and when you start to treat yourself right and see yourself for who you are and what you can be, then the world is your playground and you will always be happy knowing you are real and true and brilliant!

Sophie Someone is a story written by fourteen year old Sophie Nieuwenleven who lives in Brussels. She wants us to know her truths and her life up until the point of now. She takes us on one hell of a journey. We follow her across Europe, we learn her special language, we meet her best friend Comet Kayembe, we basically become a part of Sophie’s story and she becomes a part of us as readers.
The plot is deep, eye opening and full of fortune cookies. It has your emotions running wild and your brain working over time. Written in a way that I can only describe as unexpected and very peculiar you really do have to read carefully. I know that makes no sense, but when you read the book you will know what I mean straight away. The great thing about it is when you’re reading words that you know are wrong, you just know exactly what they are. I have to praise author Hayley Long highly for this because it can’t have been easy for her to get this book finished.

Overall, I really did enjoy this read. I loved how it pulled me out of the norm and had me thinking about my family and friends. I loved how it allows readers to take something away from it. It’s a book teens can relate too and find comfort in. A book that empowers you to be a better, stronger you. One that will lift you up when you’re down or feeling excluded or scared. It’s awe-inspiring!

I’ll finish with a quote from the book that I found beautiful. A quote that I know I’ll use in my life, whether it be for myself, my children, my family, or my friends. I just know that in time of need this quote is a huge comfort.

‘Time and space don’t matter when you’ve got unlimited broadband straight to someone’s heart.’


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⚪️Author Details: Hayley Long began writing teen fiction while working as an English teacher in Cardiff. Her first teen novel, LOTTIE BIGGS IS NOT MAD was awarded the White Raven label for outstanding children’s literature by the International Youth Library. Since then, her fingers haven’t stopped typing. Hayley has been a winner of the Essex Book Award, and WHAT’S UP WITH JODY BARTON? was shortlisted for a Costa Book Award. Hayley has also enjoyed the razzle-dazzle of being a Queen of Teen nominee. BEING A GIRL is Hayley’s first non-fiction title, and she’s also working on her next novel. Follow Hayley on Facebook at or on Twitter: @hayleywrites

⚪️Book Details:

Publisher: Hot Key Books

Publication Date: 03/09/2015

Print Length: 272 pages

E-book file size: 2803 KB

ISBN-10: 1471404803

ISBN-13: 978-1471404801


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