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Book Review – Christmas at Cranberry Cottage

📚 Christmas at Cranberry Cottage by Talli Roland.  

⚪️ Blurb: Home is where the heart is . . .  

With a whirlwind lifestyle travelling the world, the one thing Jess Millward relies on is Christmas with her gran in cosy Cranberry Cottage. When her grandmother reveals the house is directly in the path of a new high-speed railway, Jess is determined to fight. 

Can Jess save the cottage from demolition, or will she have no home to come to this Christmas?

⚪️ Review: Talli Roland is known for her warm romantic reads and easy pace that give us a laid-back and fulfilling read. Christmas at Cranberry Cottage is certainly no different. All that combined with the small and beautiful town of Lindbrook, the snugly and adorable Cranberry Cottage and the enchantment of Christmas, good family, and a good looking man has the feels on maximum.

Unfortunately I did have two grievances with the book. First, being the abrupt and baffling ending. And, secondly, heroine Jess Millward.

As most of you already know I am not one for abrupt endings at all. It is one of my pet hates. Christmas at Cranberry Cottage’s ending was so abrupt and dead that I was shocked and well disappointed. You can easily see from my description of the book above why I would feel so disappointed with the ending. It honestly made me feel like I read for nothing, like there was basically no point, and that is really such a shame.

As for Jess, I really didn’t connect with her at all. I found her to be selfish and hard faced. I honestly hoped numerous times that she would change my mind but she didn’t.

I am hoping there will be a follow-on read to Christmas at Cranberry Cottage, whether it be another novella or even a full novel because It would be such a shame to leave it where it there and for us not to get to know the characters in more depth and find out what’s gone on since. I’m sure if there was to be one the ending would make complete sense and I’d hopefully take to Jess like I was supposed too.

Even though there are negativities here, I still really need you all to know that regardless of them I did really enjoy it. It’s classic Talli Roland, and is perfect for those times were you all you just want to do is crash and relax. It’s honestly up there with fuzzy bed socks and hot sweet tea on a cold night. Comforting and needed. I hope you’ll all take a look at it. 


⚪️ Link to buy:
⚪️ About the author: Talli Roland writes bittersweet and witty contemporary women’s fiction. Born and raised in Canada, Talli now lives in London, where she savours the great cultural life (coffee and wine).

Despite training as a journalist, Talli soon found she preferred making up her own stories–complete with happy endings. Talli’s novels have been short-listed as Best Romantic Reads at the UK’s Festival of Romance and chosen as top books of the year by industry review websites.






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