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Blog Tour – A Night in with Marilyn Monroe

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 As you can see today is day two and my day on Lucy Holliday’s blog tour for her new book, A Night in with Marilyn Monroe. I have the usual book and author details and a great little Marilyn top five from Lucy herself. Enjoy and I hope you’ll click on the link and buy the book for yourself, it’s a great read. Definitely one to put a smile on your face, and an aww in your heart.

💋Blurb: After dating the hottest man on the planet, Dillon O’Hara, Libby Lomax has come back down to earth with a bump. Now she’s throwing herself into a new relationship and is determined to be a better friend to best pal, Ollie, as he launches his new restaurant.
The hilarious follow-up to A Night in With Audrey Hepburn from your favourite new author. Perfect for fans of Lucy Diamond and Sophie Kinsella.


💋About Lucy Holliday: 

Lucy Holliday’s first major work, a four-line poem called ‘The Postman is Very Good’, was completed shortly before her fifth birthday. It was such an enjoyable experience that she has wanted to be a writer ever since. She is the author of A Night in with Audrey Hepburn and A Night in with Marilyn Monroe. She is married with a daughter and lives in Wimbledon. And is overly invested in Disney Movies.


💋Lucy Holliday’s top five Marilyn Monroe Movies.

1) Some Like It Hot.

What kind of a movie fan would I be if I didn’t say Some Like It Hot…? Not only the best Marilyn movie but also, let’s be honest, one of the best movies of ALL TIME. Yes, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis are both at their hilarious peak in Billy Wilder’s funniest-ever movie, but for me it’s Marilyn who steals the show from the moment she wiggles onto the screen.

2) Gentleman Prefer Blondes.

Gentleman Prefer Blondes is a (very) close second, mostly because the musical numbers are so fabulous, and because Jane Russell is just as sassy as Marilyn herself. And of course this movie contains Marilyn’s iconic performance of Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend… OK, she wasn’t the greatest singer or dancer in the world, but none of that matters when you have Marilyn’s killer combination of charm, sex appeal, and sheer chutzpah.

3) The Seven Year Itch. 

I love The Seven Year Itch because it’s an oddly off-beat story, lifted into legend by That Skirt-Blowing Scene.

4) Bus Stop. 

If you’re a Marilyn Monroe fan and you haven’t seen Bus Stop then drop everything you’re doing (within reason, obv) and watch it. It’s a strange film and hasn’t dated all that well, but she’s TERRIFIC in it. Makes you feel sad, actually, knowing that she was a far more talented actress than she was ever given credit for – or, more importantly, than she gave herself credit for.

5) The Prince and the Showgirl. 

The Prince and the Showgirl isn’t the greatest movie you’ll ever see (all right, I’ll stop being polite: it’s a rambling, not-funny shambles, if you ask me) but Marilyn is so heartbreakingly adorable in it that it’s worth watching for her alone. And that really does mean her ALONE, because it’s not, shall we say, anyone else’s finest moment.


Don’t forget to get your copy of A Night in with Marilyn Monroe. It is a follow on book from A Night in with Audrey Hepburn but can easily be read as a stand alone. 


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Thank you to Lucy Holliday for having me on the tour and to Hayley Camis at Harper Fiction.


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