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REVIEW: The ‘Charlotte’ Navy Gingham Day Dress by Lindy Bop.

When I first spotted The ‘Charlotte’ Navy Gingham Day Dress online, at Lindy Bop. I knew straight away that she was coming home with me. She arrived four days later, which is actually really good going seeing as I paid via PayPal and some company’s will wait until the money is in their pockets before dispatch. 

So, anyway she came, I was excited, I gently released her from her plastic prison, well, I’d like to think I did, but in fact I was so excited I ripped the bag open that fast and clumsily that I managed to rip the returns form and order sheet with it, oops! I then held her close.

Now, I’m known to inspect all my clothes before I’ll even try them on. I did the usual inspection of looking for snags/holes in material, unstitched seams, markings, right size, etc. Once she was given the all clear, I named her our Charl and finally got to try her on. She was (and still is) amazing! 

So, there I was in my mirror checking our Charl out and I was pleasantly surprised to see how fantastically she sat on my hips, despite her being a tea dress. With or without the matching removal material belt it stays perfectly where it’s needed too. The wide pleated skirt managed enough of a slight flare, which is what I was hoping for as I wanted our Charl to be more of a swing dress down dress than the tea dress she actually is. She has enough room for a petticoat underneath too, which is great news. The 3/4 sleeves allowed me to freely move my arms and cover up one of the more hated things about my body. So as I stood there checking her out I can honestly say I was over the moon with my purchase.

After wearing her a few times and getting the general feel of her, I came across the conclusion that because the material is a thinner 100% cotton that washes extremely well may I add, the lighter weight makes our Charl a dress perfect for summer.

I have, on occasion, used the removable material tie belt as a headband whilst wearing the dress and I have also used her over navy leggings and a small white tee as a long shirt dress combo. She’s been worn with ballerina flats, old school jelly shoes, and my faithful old Adidas trainers. So she is unexpectedly diverse.

As always with Lindy Bop dresses made for us with.. erm.. plenty more curves? Wibbly wobbly bits? Are we plus size? Fat? Bigger ladies? Am going with large lasses anyway. What? You don’t know who’s going to be offended these days. As I was saying, as always with Lindy Bop dresses for us large lasses, they are a true to size fit, extremely flattering, a great length to make you feel comfortable in not wearing tights, leggings, with them. And generally do make you feel lovely. It’s not usual that we’re given something that is in fashion or fatshion I should say, and is also great value for money. So it is lovely to have something fashionably durable, uncomplicated and cool.

The Navy Checked Charlotte Shirt Dress (our Charl) checks out perfect in more than one place. Ay, she also has you checking yourself out in the mirror.



Dress features:

• Flattering collared neckline

• Wide flared pleated skirt

• Darted bodice

• Matching removable fabric tie wrap belt

• 3/4 sleeves

• Made from a good quality medium weight cotton fabric

• Centre front button fastening

• Material Composition: 100% Cotton

• Garment Care: Machine Wash 

• Price: £30

Link to buy:


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