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BLOG TOUR: 💍How to Hook a Husband by Sarah Harvey.

Hello lovely book people of the world,

How are you all? Thank you for yet again joining me today on another fabulous Blog Tour.

Today, I am the finishing host on, Sarah Harvey’s How to Hook a Husband Tour.

As always I have the details of everything about the book and Sarah because if you’re like me then you’re a book geg. You like to know absolutely everything about the book you’re reading and the author who reads it. Plus, how cool is that we can actually just go speak to them on social media? Love it! 

So, obviously I have all the gegging bits and book details but I have something just a bit special too. I have the lovely Sarah sharing her inspiration behind this book. Cheaters beware…

💍 Blurb: When Belle returns home from backpacking for her best friend’s wedding and catches the groom-to-be with another girl, the wedding is called off and Nicky is eternally grateful.

Realising her friend has a talent for spotting men with a roving eye, Nicky puts her friend to work helping others and soon Belle is hanging out in bars and hiding in bushes, hoping to catch unsuspecting Casanovas…

Then she is hired to follow the elusive Eddie Farrar and everything changes as Belle finds herself falling under his spell.

Will she be able to resist his charms or is there more to him than meets the eye? 

💍 The inspiration behind this book, cheating partners by Sarah Harvey.

It all started with a wheelie bin. That and a growing sense of paranoia. We often say that women have a sixth sense when it comes to their man and his fidelity. Perhaps that is so, I do completely believe in the idea that there are other senses than those that are commonly recognized, but I also actually don’t think you need to be psychic to know when your man is playing away from home, because despite often being devious little buggers, they are also, in a very oxymoron kind of way (emphasis on the moron) usually so very bad at lying that you’d have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to notice that something untoward is going on. There are, according to the glossy women’s magazines, many tell tale signs of infidelity, new hair, new clothes, new aftershave, a sudden desire for the kind of six pack that hasn’t been pulled cold from the fridge, disappearing at random times with excuses that seem about as genuine as a politician kissing a baby, his mobile phone suddenly becoming more of a no go zone than Area 51, to name but a few. So what do you do when this happens to you?

Well I suppose you could confront him, some might take that more obvious route, but little old non-confrontational me, well, I chose a different route. 

I chose stalking.

And it was thus, many moons ago, having experienced all of the above with a man who seemed to find commitment about as enticing as a cold bath in winter, that I found myself one night, when he had once again cancelled plans with me citing the need for an early night, standing at the bottom of his driveway, dressed like I was auditioning to be the new milk tray man. The possibility that his early night may not be solo, just wouldn’t leave my mind, and I had some vague idea to tiptoe up like a ninja shadow in the night and peer through his windows to see if he had company. But there was one little problem with my cunning plan, he was out, car gone, house in blackness. 

I was back to the drawing board. As I turned to go back to my car, pondering the fact that I now at least knew for sure he was lying to me, the sweep of headlights lit the darkened road as a car turned into it. I would have recognized that throaty engine anywhere. The sound of it had once made my heart leap with excitement knowing that it heralded his arrival. Now my heart screamed like a girl and tried to hide in my rib cage. It was an open road. He was bound to see me.

Wide eyed and panicked, looking frantically left and right for a low wall or a large bush, I realised that there was literally only one place that I could hide.

I’ll always be massively grateful for the fact that it was the day after rubbish collection day. I remember thinking as I squatted in the dark and stinking belly of that wheelie bin, and heard him drive past and go into the house, that if only there were some holes in the bottom, I could wheel myself up the drive Dalek style, surreptitiously lift the lid with my head, andget the final evidence I had so needed in order to let go. And then it truly dawned on me, where I was, and what I was doing, and I realized with a clarity and clearness that the air I was currently breathing most definitely didn’t have, that it didn’t matter if he had the whole of Girls Aloud dancing naked in his kitchen, the only thing that really deserved to be in that bin, was my relationship. 

And so I clambered out, carefully wiped the slime off my shoes on his lawn, and without once looking back, walked away…

💍 Author details: 

Sarah Harvey is an internationally successful writer of fun, young romantic fiction. How to Hook a Husband is her first novel published by Manilla. Sarah lives with her dogs in Northamptonshire.

You can follow and chat to Sarah theough her social media. Links below..




💍Book details:

Title: How to Hook a Husband.

Author: Sarah Harvey.

Genre: Contemporary, Rom-Com, Chick Lit.

Length: 352 pages.


Publisher: Bonnier Publishing.

Publisher Imprint: Manilla.

Publication Date: July 28 2016

💍What’s been said so far: A witty, page-turning read – appealing to readers of Marian Keyes, Carrie Elks and Katie Fforde,and viewers of Girls, Revenge and Orange Is the New Black.

💍Book links: (Pre-order until 28/07/2016)



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Once again, thank you for joining me today. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and that you’ll go grab yourself what I can only describe as one of the funniest and up-to-date chick lit/rom-com books we’ve had this year. It is the perfect holiday/Garden/Bus/Train/Glass of Wine/Coffee/Tea/Bed/Bag/Hand accessory! 

Shout out to Sarah herself and the lovely Carmen over at Bonnier for inviting me onto the tour. Always appreciated!

Love as always,

N x 


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