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GBBO – Seriously?

Oh, my-actual, god! Please listen to yourselves and shut up about the GBBO. I am so tired of hearing about it already.

Everyone is going on a proper meltdown because Paul Hollywood’s stuck with the show. As if you’re walking away from a pay rise of a good few fucking million pounds. I’m not the biggest fan of the man like, but good on him. Everyone going on like he’s pure joined Isis, come home, gone the shop and bought the fucking Sun newspaper to read at the Kop, then started flogging his normal bread as gluten free!

‘Oh what a traitor!’ 

‘Cash over Class!’


‘Does he even know what loyalty means?’

Oh, get a-fucking-grip! You’re not saying that when BBC are having you off every year in TV licensing fees are you ay? That and Strictly are the only things you pay to watch on it anyway. Shut the fuck up!

I hate the Internet at times me you know!

Paul baffled at why everyone wants him to be unemployed and not making him and his family’s lives better.

My absolute favourite response to Paul staying has to be from @bsgorrie with this sensational tweet

Dead! 💀😂


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