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BOOK REVIEW: No Virgin by Anne Cassidy.

No Virgin by Anne Cassidy.

🔅Source: ARC courtesy of Hot Key Books – Thank you!

🔅Blurb: My name is Stacey Woods and I was raped.

Stacey is the victim of a terrible sexual attack. She does not feel able to go to the police, or talk about it to anybody other than her best friend, Patrice. Patrice, outraged, when she cannot persuade her to go to the police, encourages Stacey to write everything down. This is Stacey’s story.

🔅Review: I’m sitting here a bit confused over this read. On one hand I thought the plot was really good, but on the other hand I found it extremely boring with lack of empathy and depth. Harsh I know, but honestly I am so confused on how I’m going about writing his review so please bare with me. 

The subject, which is an extremely hard one for me personally l, was just not gritty and intense enough. That sounds like I want pleasure from a horrible situation and as awful as it is, I do. We all do. I read for pleasure, to learn new things, to escape reality. 

The opening sentences of the book had me instantly drawn in and hooked. God, it really does pack a punch. Raw emotion and heart ache and unfortunately a real life and horrifying situation. I was there and I wanted to read, but unfortunately that was the only part of the book that made me feel like that way, and because of that, it completely ruined the rest of the book by giving it no heart. It took so long for the storyline to actually build up and it was more or less nearly halfway through before it hit and then just as you think, ‘ok this is getting serious and good now’ it felt rushed and was over. It baffled me. Because of how delicate the situation is I found it should have been given more respect kind of thing? Sexual abuse and rape is certainly a hard subject to write about ,I get that, I do, but that’s how I feel. There will be people who have been in that situation in their life that might read this and feel like it’s not enough and therefore can’t relate to the story, which is really sad because they already feel rejected from the world. 

You know what? This was Stacey’s story, and I so wanted to feel her pain, her anger, her disgust, her life, to relate to her, but I just couldn’t. I tried, but I couldn’t and that is so much of a shame.


**Remember this is my opinion**

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 🔅Book Details:

Title: No Virgin

Author: Anne Cassidy

Genre: YA & Teens

Publisher: Hot Key Books

Publication Date: November 3rd 2016


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