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BT – Dan and Nat Got Married by Jon Rance.

Good morning/afternoon/night my fellow book geeks. 

As always thank you so much for joining me on today’s blog tour. I have Jon Rance who is one of my favourite male authors and one of the nicest guys around with me today giving us the lowdown on the characters in his new rom-com, Dan and Nat Got Married.

💠Blurb: The British romantic comedy you need to read this year.

From the bestselling author of This Thirtysomething Life, Happy Endings and Sunday Dinners, comes a brilliantly funny romantic comedy, perfect for fans of Love Actually, Notting Hill and Bridget Jones.

Marriage can be difficult. Especially when you’ve only just met. Meet Dan Fox, 34, an online marketing manager from Clapham, who was jilted at the altar two years ago by the love of his life and hasn’t dated since.

Nat Howard, 32, is living back at home with her parents in Dorking after her perfect boyfriend dumped her and she had to move out of his bespoke flat in Putney.

On separate Stag and Hen weekends in Las Vegas, Dan and Nat wake up married. Both too drunk to remember what happened, they return to England and try to get on with their lives. But there was something about Nat that makes the usually cautious Dan think they should give their marriage a go. Nat’s still in love with her Ex, but maybe Dan can help mend her broken heart.

Can marriage between two relative strangers really work? And when Nat’s ex-boyfriend – the gorgeous Charlie – comes back into her life, she must decide – something old or something new?

 Set in London, Dan And Nat Got Married, is a funny and full of heart modern romantic comedy about marriage, relationships, and giving love a second chance. 

💠Dan and Nat Got Married – Meet The Characters. (Oh and Jon!)

J: Hello and thanks so much for having me on your blog today! 

N: Ahh Jon, you’re always welcome here at TBGWP.

J: Is the kettle on? Great, no sugar and a splash of milk please.

N: As if! You know where the kettle is. I’ll have a coffee while your there ta 😉

J: Right, so I’m here to talk about my new novel, Dan And Nat Got Married. It’s a romantic comedy about two strangers who wake up married in Las Vegas. They’re both there on separate hen and stag weekends and after a heavy night drinking they wake up together with no memory of what happened. They return to England and after meeting up again to discuss getting a divorce, they actually decide to give their marriage a go. This is their story and these are the main characters.


Dan is thirty-four, lives by himself in Clapham, and is an online marketing manager. Dan’s life was defined when both his parents were killed in a car crash when he was just nineteen. Before that he was a happy-go-lucky teenager, but suddenly his world was turned upside down. When we meet Dan, his life is in a bit of a rut. Two years before the start of the book he was left standing at the altar by the love of his life – he just hasn’t had much luck. In an attempt to have some control over his life, he’s become a bit of a controlling, neat freak, who stays in at the weekends and watches television rather than go out and won’t take any sort of chance. He’s so afraid of getting hurt again that he puts his faith in order, routine, and he works hard at his job. When Nat comes along, his world his turned upside down again, but maybe this is his last chance to finally find love. I love Dan because he’s essentially a sweet, romantic guy who’s been dealt two terrible hands in life, but still has the optimism to try again.


Like Dan, Nat is heartbroken at the start of book. She was living in Putney with her gorgeous boyfriend Charlie in his bespoke flat and her life was perfect. She loved him and was just waiting for the proposal. Instead Charlie dumps her and she’s living back at home with her parents in Dorking. She’s an office temp and like her life, she feels unfulfilled and doesn’t know what to do next. Nat just wants to be happy, but she has no idea what that is and how to achieve it. She’s in a slump. Her best friend, Ellie, sort of convinces her to give Dan a go and with the choice of living at home with her parents in her thirties, or living with Dan in Clapham, she decides to go with Dan. She’s made a lot of mistakes in her life and for her Dan represents some stability and maybe a solid future. But when Charlie comes back on the scene, she’s thrown into turmoil and must make the most important decision of her life. If only she wasn’t really bad at making decision. Nat was really fun to write because like Dan she’s an optimistic, romantic who just can’t seem to find that ‘one’ and when she does, she seems to make the wrong choice. 


Adam is Dan’s best friend since primary school. Adam is a painter and decorator and despite being thirty-four, still lives at home with his mum. Adam’s dad left when he was small and so Adam feels responsible for his mum. Adam’s a proper lad and often takes over scenes because he’s loud, brash, and treats life like one big joke. Adam can seem a bit shallow and one dimensional – he likes beer, pub quizzes, food, and girls – but underneath he’s quite sensitive and when he does finally fall in love, it comes as a surprise to everyone – including Adam! 


Artistic Ellie works in media and lives in a shared loft in Shoreditch with a bunch of creative types. She’s Nat’s best friend and would do anything for her. She’s tall, loud, wears very colourful clothes, and exudes confidence. Ellie is Nat’s shoulder to cry on and ear to listen to. I enjoyed writing Ellie so much because she’s just a really fun character. She’s spontaneous and really doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Although she does have one secret that she can’t even share with Nat.


Think Hugh Grant and Colin Firth all wrapped up in one character. This is Nat’s ex-boyfriend, Charlie. He’s suave, sophisticated, works in the City, makes a lot of money and lives in a very nice flat in Putney. He’s every woman’s dream man. Nat can’t get over him and when it comes to choosing between Dan and Charlie, what can she do? Down to earth, solid Dan or Charlie, the gorgeous ex-boyfriend?


Nat’s family and especially her overbearing Irish mother, feature heavily in the book. Her mum is highly strung, very Catholic, Irish, stubborn, and loves her family more than anything else in the world. Her dad is a down to earth black cab driver, and her brother, Liam, despite being younger than Nat, is the successful one with the better job and family. Nat and Liam are always competing for everything, but when she needs him he’s there for her. I loved the family scenes in this book because the family have such a strong dynamic and they’re all such interesting individuals that have been thrown together.


Sophie is a new girl at Dan’s office and takes an instant shine to him. She’s twenty-five, beautiful, intelligent, and has a habit of bending down in front of Dan and showing him lots of her body! Can Dan resist the gorgeous Sophie?

So this is most of the main cast. There are a few extra ones I haven’t mentioned, but this is a novel with lots of characters and side characters who I spent time developing so they all felt real and worked and helped move the story along. As I’ve said in other blogs and interviews, for me characters are everything and in this book, I’ve managed to cram in a lot of very funny, interesting, and unique characters. The main four of Dan, Nat, Adam, and Ellie dominate the book though and I hope you fall in love with them as much as I did. 

Thanks so much for having me on your blog today and thanks for the tea, it was lovely! Cheers.  

N: No, thank you for inviting me and the book geeks onto your blog tour. 

💠Links to buy Dan and Nat Got Married:

Amazon UK 

Amazon US 

💠Author Details:

Jon Rance was born in Southampton, England in 1975. Apparently the seventies were great, but to be honest, he doesn’t remember much about them. He does remember most of the eighties very fondly. He attended Bitterne first and middle school and then Western Park Boy’s school. He spent a lot of the eighties watching television. His favourite shows were: Rainbow, Button Moon, The Wombles, Dogtanian and the Three Muskahounds, The Cities of Gold, Danger Mouse, Thundercats, Grange Hill, Blue Peter, Going Live, and Neighbours. He had a red BMX bike, and did his first Panini World Cup sticker album during the 1986 World Cup in Mexico – the dreaded Hand of God World Cup. 

He attended Richard Taunton’s sixth form college where he met some incredible people, did A levels in Art, Art history and English literature, discovered the ups and downs of alcohol, and generally had a very good time. After a year at art college in Portsmouth, and a GAP year, he ended up studying English Literature at Middlesex university, London. Highlights of university include: kissing the television presenter John Leslie at a New Year’s Eve party, deciding to to go outside in January completely naked for “a bit of a laugh”, living with three of the best blokes in the world and having a laugh almost everyday, his first serious girlfriend and their holidy to Africa, Manchester United winning the treble, and enjoying learning, obviously. It was at university he also decided he wanted to be an author.

After university Jon spent several years in various jobs: British Museum, television, university library, but he dreamed of two things – going travelling and being a writer. So at the grand age of twenty-eight, he finally went off around the world. USA, Fiji, Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, India. His plan was simple, to travel the world and write. What actually happened was that he met his future wife in Australia, and so didn’t end up going to Asia at all and instead back to America with her, and he didn’t write very much. He did have one of the best years of his life though and met the woman who would change everything. 

In 2004 he moved to America and got married in of all places, Las Vegas. He also decided he was going to stop farting around and be a proper writer. Jon spent the next few years writing his first novels without much success. However, after getting frustrated that no-one was actually reading his work, he decided to self-publish his third novel, ‘This Thirtysomething Life’ on the Kindle. To cut a long story short, it took forever, but after some research, some actual marketing, the book reached number 7 on the UK Kindle chart, it sold 55,000 copies, and Jon finally got the call he’d been waiting for. A publisher wanted to publish his book. Fast forward four years and Jon his about to publish his fifth novel. Like most of his life, becoming an author hasn’t exactly gone to plan, but he got there in the end

He is the author of five novels: the Kindle top ten best seller, This Thirtysomething Life, Happy Endings (both published by Hodder and Stoughton) This Family Life and Sunday Dinners. His fifth novel, Dan And Nat Got Married, was published this October. 

Jon loves comedy (especially sit coms), the films of Richard Curtis, travelling and tea. He just turned forty, which is a terrifying time, so his books might get a bit edgier and possibly angrier as a result.

You can find out more or get in touch with Jon via his website and social media. Links below:





💠Book Details:

Title: Dan and Nat Got Married 

Author: Jon Rance 

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Length: 315 Pages


Publication Date: October 4th 2016

So you gorgeous lot, that is your lot. I hope you’ve had fun getting to know Jon and his new friends and that you will be as lovely as I know you all are and go buy this absolutely delightful read. No, honestly, de-fucking-lighful. (I really do need to go to therapy for swearing don’t I?) 

Anyway, Jon you’re a star! Good luck with Dan and Nat Got Married.

Love to you all as always 

N 😘


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