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No-one ever has sex on a Tuesday – Tracy Bloom

No-one ever has sex on a Tuesday – Tracy Bloom

Source: Author request

Blurb: Never has a one-night stand led to such chaos!

Childhood sweethearts Matthew and Katy agree they must never see each other again after they end up in bed together following a school re-union.

So all is forgotten… until eight months later when a shock meeting at an antenatal class forces them to confront the fact that Matthew could be the father of Katy’s baby. Oblivious to the mayhem unfolding, Matthew’s highly-strung wife frets over giving birth to twins and Katy’s much younger boyfriend refuses to take fatherhood seriously.

Love and life are messy but Katy and Matthew take things to a whole new level as deep emotions begin to resurface and hormones run riot. How will they navigate their way through this almighty cock-up?

Review: I’ve just literally finished this and needed to write my review now while I still had this bizarre feeling of warmth and love inside me. Now if you’re one of my regular readers you will probably have just gasped in shock at them words. Me, warmth love? The girl in the Pajamas with the swinging brick instead of a heart? Well yes her, Me. Proper getting soft in me old age me you know.

Well, I’m not going to go into detail at all about this book, but just  give you a few little comments linked to the book and a little paragraph to hopefully direct you in its way.

OK, here we go…

1) We really do not realise the toll it takes on couples who are unable to conceive naturally.

2) The immense power of love and relationships.

3) The extensive power of heartbreak.

4) Friends, and how they would do anything at all in their power to make sure we’re happy.

I utterly adored this book. It’s extremely funny and has your eyes bulging out in excitement waiting for the next page. It is full of every day problems that we all face and has some seriously amazing twists in keeping it fresh and fun. It’s seriously emotional in every  way possible and will have you smiling, choking on the lump in your throat and not wanting to put it down.

If you want cheesy smiling and your insides full of gooey love, then this is the book for you.
Seriously, if its made me feel like that what’s it going to make you feel like?


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The Bad Girls Club – Kathryn O’Halloran

The Bad Girls Club – Kathryn O’Halloran

Source: Author request.

Blurb: Three girls unite in their realisation that keeping themselves nice has got them nowhere. It’s time to take action. It’s time to rebel. It’s time to become Bad Girls.

Imogen wants to get laid but how can she be a bad girl until she loses a few kilos and gets her body into order?

Beth is happy to be a bad girl – so long as no one else finds out and so long as she is in control.

Juliette’s not really sure what she’s doing there, but it sure beats another Saturday night gaming with her geek boyfriend.

They band together to form the Bad Girls Club, a support group for recovering nice girls, and through a series of brazen dares, push the limits of their sexuality. But are the girls ready to finally take the final leap that will have them branded as bad girls for real? To save the club, and each other, they each have to publicly acknowledge their darkest secrets.

Review: Here we have three completely normal but, completely different girls.

Beth who’s smart and classy, with a mouth of steel.
Imogen who’s bubbly in both body and personality, with the classic food addiction.
Shy, timid and lovely Juliette with the loser boyfriend.
They’ve all been thrown together in despair by the poisonous Poppy. We all have a Poppy in our lives unfortunately. In Beth’s case she’s the cousin we all have who you secretly want to scrag by the hair every time you see her. For Imogen It’s the classic take the piss boss routine. Worse of all is the old friend from forever who always belittled you and made you feel like shit. This being Juliette’s case.
After a good slagging session together at Poppy’s wedding, all three drunk and knicker-less start their adventure of self discovery and friendship.

The Bad Girls club is a dream to read. Taking the three girls and their different views and opinions and letting you explore each personality worked brilliant for me. The flow is just right and it’s really funny. As much as it’s about a club for the girls to show their bad sides, do dares and be bold. It’s really about friendship. There is a bit of us all in every one of the girls and you can giggle away remembering past dramas in your own life similar to the ones here. It also covers some very delicate subjects for us girls too. I thought this was wonderful. Masturbation, Sexual Fantasies, Boob fascination, Vibrators. All taboo subjects that we only rarely discuss with our nearest and dearest friends.

Kathryn O’Halloran has certainly pulled out a cracker here. She’s been clever and confident with her characters and her personality and charm capture every page. It’s fresh and current which takes it to another level. It’s not too sexy but has enough in to be a tad racy. All in all it’s a really good read. Really enjoyable. Full of drama, sex, cat fights, bitching, dares, and fun. As a girl you can’t really ask for more can you?

If you’re looking for a good snuggle down read, a beach book, a cant put down book this is for you.


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Kept – Elle Field

Kept – Elle Field

Source: Author request

Blurb: ‘Did she really just say that? I am fifteen again, except the reality is I am experiencing full parental horror, aged twenty-five. I want to die.’

Life hasn’t quite worked out how Arielle Lockley imagined it would. Becoming the next Coco Chanel was always her childhood dream, but she’s spent the past four years living a dizzying whirl of glitzy parties, luxurious holidays and daily shopping sprees – all paid for by boyfriend Piers – and not doing anything to make her Coco dreams happen.

When the recession hits, it’s not just the economy that takes a tumble and Arielle finds herself living back with her parents, on bad terms with Piers, and having a CV that’s as welcome as a pair of knock-off Jimmy Choos. And maybe it’s the location, but she’s also finding unwelcome thoughts of her childhood sweetheart are popping into her head…

What’s a girl to do? Can Arielle figure out what it is she now wants to do with her life and move on, or will she be doomed to spend the rest of her life dwelling over her worst mistakes, stuck listening to her parents’ embarrassing dinner table talk each night?

Review: You know when you finish a book and you’re beaming because you’ve just found a gem? Well that I’m doing right this minute.

Kept follows Arielle Lockley in her spoilt world of designer clothes and fancy holidays all courtesy of boyfriend Piers. However, Arielle has put aside her passion of becoming a fashion designer and her heart to selfishly participate in piers world. She likes Piers, but she loves teen boyfriend Noah.
After a spat with Piers, and a one-night stand with Noah who has declared his undying love for her, what will she do? Who will she choose? And, will she ever get a job? 

I loved this book! Absolutely loved it. I devoured it in just 2 hours it was that good. From the very first page I was locked into Arielles world. I giggled and gasped, tutted and bit my lip in sadness. Rooted for the man of my choice and adored all the drama.

The characters are all superbly written, each one has a lovely charm and a background story, making you understand and connect with them. You will definitely connect with Arielle, half way through the book you’ll think you are her. (Well I did anyway.)

There are far too many parts in Kept that had me giggling, but my favourite being the conversations about swinging and rimming with piles by Mr and Mrs Lockley and their two friends around the dinner table, Much to Arielles horror!
haha I’m still laughing about it now.

For a debut novel Elle Field has produced an absolute cracker.
I cannot wait to read what she pulls out for us next.

If you want Funny, charming, romantic and full of drama and designer clothes. This is for you. Fabulous chick-lit. Seriously get yourself a copy you will not be disappointed.


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Leftovers – Stella Newman

Leftovers – Stella Newman

Source: Personal Copy

Blurb: According to a magazine, Susie is a ‘Leftover’ – a post Bridget-Jones 30 something who has neither her dream man, job, nor home. She doesn’t even own six matching dinner plates.

According to her friend Rebecca, Susie needs to get over her ex, Jake, start online dating – or at least stop being so rude to every guy who tries to chat her up.

But Susie’s got a plan. If she can just make it the 307 days till her promotion and bonus, she can finally quit and pursue her dream career in food, then surely everything else will fall into place. If only her love life wasn’t so complicated…

Review: And she is back! The brilliant Stella Newman and her fabulous second novel Leftovers. From the very start you are totally gripped! It’s quick, witty and has you salivating with both story and food references. I must warn you against reading it if your hungry though, my stomach was seriously far from my friend when I was reading and daydreaming about pasta and cake.

The book follows Susie Rosen through her days as a single, heartbroken, advertisement accounts manager, who’s Pasta and Ryan Gosling obsessed. Her once loved Job is going pear shaped (too soon?- I’m such a knob *Hangs head in shame*)

You connect with every character as they honestly are all so very real. You have people in your own life like every single one of them. Even the bitches and back stabbers. This makes it easier to let go and enjoy the book. The excitement you feel when reading this is brilliant, the enthusiasm and sharp humour it’s been written with is captivating. It’s so down to earth. Bursting full of silliness and giggles, but also sadness and reality. You find yourself furious and tutting at pages and next minute wanting to stand, clap and shout bravo. 

I actually nearly did do that you know. Imagine me at the hospital. “Why did you think you could stand unaided Mrs McCormack?” “It was a spur of the moment thing you see Doctor, Susie proper socked it to her rivals at work and it was totally worthy of a proper round of applause.”

I honestly can’t tell you enough about this book without going into detail and giving loads of spoilers away. Just trust me though when I say this is a serious must have for your collection. It’s everything you could wish for in a chicklit/rom-com book. It’s one of them that stuck in your mind when your not reading it. For example: I saw a photograph on Instagram right, and I thought that would be perfect in Susie’s kitchen for her Pasta. Honestly, no lie. Like Susie’s me mate and not a fictional character. You get proper involved, I absolutely loved it! There’s no better way for reading than like that for me.

What are you waiting for click the link and buy it… you so won’t be disappointed.

I’d get some pasta while your out shopping next too. You’re gunna need it!


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Kismetology – Jaimie Admans

Kismetology – Jaimie Admans

Source: Author request

Blurb: Finding the perfect man isn’t easy. Especially when it’s for your mother…

Mothers. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them, can’t live three doors down the road without them interfering in every aspect of your life.

Mackenzie Atkinson’s mother has meddled in her love life once too often and something has to be done. Mackenzie decides to turn the tables and find love for her lonely mother.
Her lonely and very fussy mother.
Surely finding an older gentleman looking for love won’t be that hard, right?
If you’ve ever thought that boys grow up, here’s the problem: They don’t. Ever.
And Mackenzie is about to learn that the hard way.

Faced with a useless boyfriend, dressed up dogs, men who wear welly boots on dates, men who shouldn’t be allowed out in public, and men who make reptiles seem like attractive company – will she ever find the perfect man for her neurotic mother?

Review: If you like British humour then this is a book for you.

The story follows Mackenzie Atkinson in her quest to find her mother a man. Yes, she wants her mother to be happy, but she also wants her out from under her feet and meddling in her own love life. Mothers ay?
Mackenzie decides dating the potential candidates herself first will be the perfect way to find her mother the best match. After numerous disaster dates, she finds herself thinking that maybe there is a business idea in what she is doing and if she can pull off one perfect match with her mother being the client from hell then she could be a very successful matchmaker.

As much as this book is extremely witty and the dates had me giggling. I found it very one dimensional, therefore making it very repetitive and drag.
The plot is original and the characters unique. The sub plot with Mackenzie and her partner Dan could have had a lot more in it too, this would have boosted the book up and gave it a lot more depth.

It’s witty, original and an overall good debut novel.
Give it a try, see what you think.


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The Greatest Love Story of all Time – Lucy Robinson

The Greatest Love Story of all Time – Lucy Robinson

Source: Personal Copy

Blurb: It’s Fran’s thirtieth birthday and things are good . . .

She’s bluffed her way into a Very Posh Job and her outlandishly handsome and talented boyfriend Michael is escorting her to the Ritz with a bulge the shape of a ring box in his pocket.

But something has gone wrong. Very wrong. By the end of the evening Fran is howling in bed with a bottle of cheap brandy and one of Michael’s old socks.

In her quest to figure out why her life has suddenly gone down the pan, Fran comes up with a failsafe plan: live like a badger, stalk a stranger called Nellie and cancel her beloved Gin Thursdays in favour of drinking gin every night. But then Fran’s friends force a very different plan on her and it’s nowhere near as fun. How could eight dates possibly make her feel better?

But eventually she agrees. And so begins the greatest love story of all time . .

Review: So, here we have what I can only describe as a book for the girls of today. A book for the girls who will give the men a one hell of a run for their money.

From the very start you connect with Fran, she’s that friend that you’ve known forever. The one who you be extra silly with and tell everything too. You will also love her ‘charming’ cat Duke Ellington. Her friends sex mad Leonie, Princess Stefania and big huggy bear Dave.They become your circle of friends too. Altogether you can take on the world, and more so take on the world of online dating, catastrophic relationships, alcoholic mothers, political scandals, stalking, sex, love and marriage. You feel every ounce of pain and happiness for every one of these people. As I said, they’re now your friends too. 

From the minute I started this book I was gripped. I hand on heart was so excited to turn the page to see what was next. I even refused to put it down to eat! This resulting in a terrible Spag Bol stain on page 365. Devastated! The story covers most aspects of relationships and heartache. It puts you through your paces and has you laughing nonstop even in the sad parts. It is hand on heart the funniest book I have ever read. Fran’s speak before she thinks potty mouth. Leonie’s no shame in telling strangers about her sore bum from anal sex. Stefania’s wacky dress sense, organic vegan recipes & her miss pronounced words. Dave’s manliness, Glaswegian swear words and roll ups. This all mixed together becomes utterly fantastic!

To anyone who knows me personally, I have a terrible mouth. Never mind a potty mouth, I’ve got a full on garbage mouth. Lucy Robinson has captured today’s way of thinking and new found freedom of speech and miraculously produced a book of wonder and excitement with using the dreaded and much frowned upon C word! Good on you girl!!

This isn’t your typical chick lit/ Rom-Com book, it’s trendy, honest & fucking brilliant!

If you want nonstop laughter, a brilliant love story with an alcoholic twist, then this is the book for you.
I can guarantee you will not be disappointed. Not for the faint hearted I may add, but for the normal, everyday girl this is the book of your dreams.
Serious praise for Lucy Robinson


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Putting past the right – Ian Wilfred

Putting past the right – Ian Wilfred

Source: Author request.

Blurb: Carole Harding is in her 50s. She divorced her husband after he cheated on her with a prostitute. She hated her life – working in a Bristol supermarket – and the only exciting thing she’d done was to go on holiday (to Scotland in a caravan).

Then she inherited 2 million pounds.

Now she lives in an apartment in a plush complex in Tenerife, but it seems all her neighbours have problems and Carole finds herself helping to change their lives…

Nadean is the actress who hit the headlines and had to go into hiding; Victoria, a model, why did her family turn against her? Hamilton spent his life traveling the world, earning so much money, but was so lonely; Riley gave up everything for love… Then there are Peter and Paul, who only seem to be happy when having a crisis and Jeremy – who has secrets from his wife and from the law.

As Carole gets involved with the lives of her neighbours, she blossoms into the woman she’d always longed to be… when she meets Robson, can Carole make the biggest transformation of her life?

Review: This is far from the books I usually read. It’s more for the more mature lady who enjoy the older Mills & Boon collections. Not my cup of tea at all. I found it really hard to read. The book is set as a diary from Carole, but it is formatted in chapters  stopping and starting in paragraphs. I just started tripping over myself and getting confused. I think if the book would have been formatted like a diary it would have made a big difference. I also found it to be very repetitive and taking too much time to get to the point, I wouldn’t say boring, but getting there. It didn’t flow or gel together resulting in me getting frustrated. It also seemed to me like it was begging you to read and like it. Always saying there was more to come, always saying you wait until you read this etc..,.. There was no suspense. It felt like four books crammed into one. Heroine Carole is supposed to be this lady who wants to help her friends, but to me she comes across as a manipulative, condescending, gossiping, bitch. I don’t think I’d like a friend like her at all.

The story-lines all in all are actually really good. And as a man writing as a female he’s done a pretty good job. I do believe if Ian had stuck to one or two of the stories it would have been a better book. Too much going on not enough control. But a good storyline once you’ve got into it.

This is really awful for me to write a bad review, but as I said this is not my cup of tea, I’ve passed it onto someone of the generation I think it would be suitable for and I honestly 100% believe her review will be good. It will be posted as soon as she’s finished.

As a debuting novel it has been publicised as chick-lit and I don’t think that’s the right category for it to be in. I’m truly sorry Ian. I hope my words cause you no distress. You’ve done a lovely job and should be very proud of yourself. Once in the hands of the audience it should be in, I believe you will do brilliantly and it will be loved.

I recommend this book to all the more mature ladies and who enjoy a good gossip.



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My Future Husband – Karen Clarke

My Future Husband – Karen Clarke

Source: Review Copy courtesy of author – Thank you!

Blurb: When Sasha meets Elliot a month before her wedding to Pete, the news he brings seems incredible. He claims to have arrived from the future, explaining that their timeline was knocked off course in 2010, preventing them from meeting, and begs her to find him in the present day.

But Sasha’s wedding plans are underway and though she’s curious, Elliot turns out to be feckless, rebellious, and engaged to a glamorous and pregnant Belle. He’s not remotely her type and is instantly suspicious of Sasha’s motives for tracking him down, convinced his disapproving father has sent her to spy on him.

Sasha decides to ahead with her wedding, but a previous connection with Elliot’s father finds her doing the catering at a dinner party at his house. With the help of her best friend, Rosie, she soon discovers that Elliot has sadness in his past, and that Belle is up to no good

Review:  This book really is a roller-coaster of quick wit, down to earthness, (is that even a word?) happiness, sadness, silliness… I think you get the picture.

I loved how Elliot was something he wasn’t, how like in real life circumstances past issues are the downfall in attitude and personality. A security blanket to stop the world seeing you. The no-nonsense approach to Sasha making her instantly someone who you warm too and want to call a friend. Someone Who you will on to challenge Elliot and dump fiancé Pete, like it’s not a twosome consisting of her and her best friend Rosie, but a threesome that includes you.

I absolutely loved Mrs. Treadwell. she is the ultimate dragon of a mother-in-law. Also, the eeriness to Beatrice and her presence.

I really could write all day about this book. If I giggle loudly, tut, gasp or arr during reading, that’s an indication of a good book. I am very hard to please, but credit where credits due Karen Clarke had me doing them all. It has everything I’m looking for in a book. A good quirky storyline, well thought out and balanced characters, honesty and power to absorb you into the pages.

This is a must read.
5/5 stars

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Billy and Me – Giovanna Fletcher

Billy and Me – Giovanna Fletcher

Source: Review Copy courtesy of Penguin

Blurb: Sophie May has a secret. One that she’s successfully kept for years. It’s meant that she’s had to give up her dreams of going to university and travelling the world to stay in her little village, living with her mum and working in the local teashop.

But then she meets the gorgeous Billy – an actor with ambitions to make it to the top. And when they fall in love, Sophie is whisked away from the comfort of her life into Billy’s glamorous – but ruthless – world.

Their relationship throws Sophie right into the spotlight after years of shying away from attention. Can she handle the constant scrutiny that comes with being with Billy? And most of all, is she ready for her secret heartbreak to be discovered and shared with the nation?

Review:  Hmm, so the hype up to the release of this book has been so major that I’m feeling a little deflated now I have read it. I’m actually in two minds whether I liked it or not. I mean I did, but I didn’t!! Weird hey?!

As you’re aware the plot follows shy, insecure, tea shop working, Sophie May falling in love and being swept off her feet by teen Heartthrob and actor Billy Buskin.

The book is very thorough, there’s nothing missing and everything’s clear. This allows you to just relax and let your imagination take over. There are just a few things that niggled at me throughout it though and they’re the reasons why I’m not 100% feeling it. I won’t say what they are as I don’t want to give any spoilers away, but what I will say is I just wanted a bit more grit and a bit more adult. Does that make sense? I don’t feel like the book fits into the romance/Chick-lit genre either, if I was told it was YA I’d probably be thinking differently about it and be awarding it more stars. It’s obviously romance, but I felt like an old women trying to keep up with the kids when I was reading it. That has NEVER happened to me in reading before. It’s very slow paced and just needed a little kick to help it on it’s way.

I feel really bad saying all this. I hate this part of reviewing. I honestly can’t fault the authors standards at all. It’s a book that I can guarantee will be absolutely adored by many. It was just far to nice for me.

I recommend this to anyone who loves a soppy romance novel.
You’ll probably love it. I’m just a crank.


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Letters To Young Chong – Melanie Jo Moore

Letters To Young Chong – Melanie Jo Moore

Source: Authors request

Blurb: Booze, sex, and good times. What more could you ask for from a memoir? Letters To Young Chong is much like the pickled ginger on a sushi plate. As a reader, sometimes you need something spicy to cleanse your palate between complex books. That is what you will find here.

Letters To Young Chong is based on the friendship that developed between Melissa Moore and myself. No relation at all. We were often confused as the same person or considered twins. It was a rough start having to share my name. I was sure I would hate that name stealing girl for all of time. Thank goodness I finally got over that. I could not imagine life without her.

Through the beginning chapters, you will read how our friendship was built. In our rural area, we weren’t provided with the luxuries of entertainment big city kids have. We learned how to keep ourselves occupied with fast cars, booze and each other.

The friendship survives years of separation and abusive relationships. When we finally meet up again, we fall right back into step. It is obvious though that time has taken its toll and the situations we have lived through change our outlook on the world forever.

So grab a stiff drink and join the Young Chong experience! Jump on the crazy train that readers are describing as an addicting, rowdy story that will make you bust out laughing and cry your eyes out. If you survive this ride, you’ll definitely want to stay tuned for the sequel!

Review: Okay, so I was asked to read Letters To Young Chong by the author herself. It was passed on with the same description as above. I actually got quite excited about it. My twitter followers will know I was needing something a bit out of the norm as I was constantly reading similar books. I got stuck right in with enthusiasm and I can honestly say I was totally shocked to the core!

Now, being from different parts of the world maybe the behaviour at her end is acceptable, but it’s far from acceptable here in Liverpool. I’m not from a good area myself, I’m from a poor area full of the normal badness, drugs, gangs, etc… I am far from the shy away type and I’ll give more than what I can take. I was in my mothers words in my youth and possibly still today ‘a bitch’. Trouble was me. So for me to be shocked it’s clear to you all how bad it was.

I’m actually intrigued to find out more about this actually if I’m honest, how life can be so very, very different in different places.

I’ve read a few real life stories but not so many memoirs, this was different to them though. I understand it was about friendship, but it made no sense to why. I mean we all could write down our memories about our nearest and dearest couldn’t we? We’d get a few laughs, a few shocks, but surely there has to be a point! This to me seemed pointless. I was expecting big things by the way that some of the build up to situations had been penned and dramatised up to be, I felt constantly deflated by lack of well lack of everything. Maybe this is just me I’m unsure. Maybe I looked at it as a story, maybe I don’t understand this type of writing. I did like it though and because I wanted to know more about certain times and certain situations that can only be a good thing, right?

The one thing I really did like and appreciated greatly was her honesty. For that I praise Melanie highly. She did face some very negative and testing times and I’m hoping by writing about them, she was able to release some of the angers and frustrations within.

I’ll hold my hands up and say I really don’t know if this is a book that can actually be reviewed. I am also very intrigued to see the sequel as I’m unsure which way it will go.

I will say to you all to go try it out though. It’s always surprising to be in someone else’s world and in this case your entering a extraordinary world of a fearless young woman.