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REVIEW: Maybelline Superstay 3D Gel Effect Plumping Top Coat.Β 

πŸ’…Review: Possibly the worst thing in beauty for me, no scratch that, in the world for me, is nail polish. For some unknown reason it just totally refuses to stay put. I could use the cheapest brand or the most expensive brands alone or with top coats but honestly absolutely nothing works. I have even gone into salons and yet the results are continuously awful. So as you can most probably imagine my reaction when I heard about Maybelline’s Superstay 3D Gel Effect Plumping Top Coat, I was instantly drawn to it and wanted to try it out.

Being spoiled like I am, I received my Superstay 3D Gel Effect Plumping Top Coat free from Maybelline for an honest review, and an honest review is exactly what they are going to get.

Guess what? It worked! No shitting you. After all this time without being able to wear polish on my nails, I have actually found something that works for me. Over the actual fucking moon I am.

So, there I sat nervously applying the Maybelline Superstay 3D Gel Effect Plumping Top Coat over a nice pale blue polish with nothing but hope in my heart. The application was smooth and even given that the brush was a good size, weighted perfectly and was curved to just glide over your nail instead of slopping it everywhere like you do with a normal brush. Don’t even pretend you don’t do that. Especially when it’s transparent or a French manicure set, it just gets slopped on and goes all over your fingers and sometimes your leg, your arm, the duvet, the sofa. 
Ay, don’t you think that when you try your hardest to do it properly you end up with it everywhere? I’m so not a girl it’s unbelievable, no wonder none of mine have ever bloody stayed on haha. 

Sorry, back to business. So, It surprisingly dried pretty fast and once it did it gave a fantastic boost to the polish underneath making my shaky-handed attempt actually look pretty decent and like they could have actually been professional, well, semi-professional. They were glossy, smooth, beautiful. Obviously impressed already, I prayed and begged to the Nail Polish Gods to give me a break and allow me and my nails some time together with this beautiful blue shine. 

So, I went about me business thinking I was absolutely gorgeous and constantly admiring my beautiful looking talons, well, partly bitten nubs like, but still admiring them non the less then disaster struck! A chip! 

Devastated about the chip I actually hadn’t realised that I was actually on day six of the polish. Six days in and got my first chip! Six whole days! That is totally unheard of in my life, the Nail Polish God named Maybelline well and truly heard my prayers and allowed me to have something I can never usually have. I had well and truly been blessed.

Seriously though, I am more than impressed and will most definitely be trying out the Maybelline Superstay Forever Strong Professional Nail Varnish with it next time. Can you imagine how amazing my nails will look then? Polish boner even just thinking about it. I wouldn’t just think I was gorgeous then would I ay? oh no, I would think I was Perrie-Bloody-Edwards 😍

Is there any need for how beautiful she is? πŸ‘ΈπŸ˜ #TeamPerrie  

So yeah, a success all round. I would definitely recommend it to you all. 

A clear, magical, nail polish dream.



πŸ’… Features:

πŸ”ΊHard-working plump colour.

πŸ”ΊOn-the-go shine

πŸ”ΊNow nails get a plumping 3D effect.

πŸ’… How To Use: (You know because you’re all dead stupid and don’t know how to πŸ™„ – obvs I’ve got to put ALL details regardless)

Apply single coat on top of dry nail colour.

πŸ’… Product Description:

πŸ”Ί Manufacturer: L’Oreal

πŸ”Ί Manufacturer reference: 3600531318949

πŸ”Ί Product Dimension: 4 x 2 x 7.8 cm; 50 g

πŸ’… Ingredients: Butyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate, Nitrocellulose, Ethyl Tosylamide, Isopropyl Alcohol, Cellulose Acetate Butyrate, Acetyl Tributyl Citrate, Acrylates Copolymer, Adipic Acid/Neopentyl Glycol/Trimellitic Anhydride Copolymer, CI 60725 / Violet 2, D162855/1

Available to buy from all leading stores and supermarkets. 

You can check out all other Maybelline Super Stay products on the Maybelline website.

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REVIEW: Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturising Lip Gloss.

🚺 Review: I don’t know about you but when I’m looking for a lip gloss, I want something subtle, non sticky, smooth, luxurious, moisturising, not too shiny, and most importantly one that stays on my lips so I don’t have to be constantly reapplying. Is there anything worse than reapplying and dragging your now sticky hair out of your mouth?

Anyway, I think I have found the answer to all my lip glossing problems. The New Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturising Lip Gloss range is honestly everything I want and need, and more so because it’s all there in a cute little funky tube. It’s application is smooth and fluid, and I was genuinely impressed with the overall feel to the gloss, not too sticky, wasn’t a harsh tacky shine, a nice colour (Fuchsia Flicker), and it stayed on for a decent amount of time, winner. I was a bit concerned about the glitter in it if I’m being totally honest here because to look at the tube it does look very glittery, being 33 I definitely didn’t want to be thinking I was gorgeous and looking like the teenagers and making a bad show of myself at all, but I was actually very pleasantly surprised. It’s not at all obvious with the amount I used. Obviously if you wanted a pure glitter power pout, then a few coats and you’ll be laughing, but for me one coat was the absolute business.

I also have to mention how after wearing my MBLMLG my lips were well moisturised and not in any way hard or flaky like they have been known to be after using most lip products. So for me, right now, there honestly couldn’t be a better gloss.

It really is a great product and it comes in seven different shades here in the UK, ten in the US.

1) A Wink of Pink

2) Fuchsia Flicker

3) Pink-a-Boo

4) Taupe With Me

5) Life’s a Peach

6) Pink Pazzaz

7) Fab and Fuchsia 

I will definitely be purchasing Pink-a-Boo and Taupe With Me.

Ladies, honestly, don’t be put off by the glitter or the overall packaging look thinking, ‘it’s a bit too young for me that’. It’s not. It’s a must buy for all ages, for sure.


🚺 Product description:

β€’ Not Sticky: A new no sticky way to shine.

β€’ Creamy Shine: Creamy comfort and Vitamin E.

β€’ 4HR Moisture: Caring formula to moisturize for 4 hours – smooth, & soften so lips never feel dry.
Links to buy:

🚺 Link to buy:


Huge thank you to Maybelline for sending me out their Fuchsia Flicker, Baby Lips Moisturising Lip Gloss to review.