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BT – So Lucky by Dawn O’Porter.

Hello you gorgeous lot!

Have you missed me and my big mouth? I definitely missed you lot and the book world.

Anyway, I’m here, and I am repping the fuck out of Dawn O’Porters new release So Lucky.

It’s day number six on the Blog Tour for SO and I am here with all the book deets for you as usual and my thoughts on the book. Now, I ask you before you go to that part to read it all and not just the top bit. I know I get carried away with myself and I know I’m a nuisance, but please do. Thank you.

Right, here we go….

🍩Blurb: IS ANYONE’S LIFE . . .

Beth shows that women really can have it all.

Ruby lives life by her own rules.

And then there’s Lauren, living the dream.


Beth hasn’t had sex in a year.

Ruby feels like she’s failing.

Lauren’s happiness is fake news.

And it just takes one shocking event to make the truth come tumbling out…

🍩My Thoughts: Ok, so erm, I have decided that I will not be doing a review for this book. I don’t want to and it doesn’t deserve one from me. No, no, no, hear me out a sec. That is not a negative comment from me at all, in fact it’s totally the opposite.

I formally known as the Book Geek Wears Pajamas or PajamaBookGirl in the book world, or just Natalie in the normal world, or Mum (none fucking stop) in my kids world, could never ever do So Lucky justice with my words. I don’t have them and I certainly can’t articulate them like they deserve.

So Lucky deserves unlimited praise. It deserves it for making women feel beautiful regardless of their faults/conditions/jobs/thoughts/looks/life. It deserves it for making reality what it is and what it should be. For keeping life real in a fictional world. For making sure that a fictional world created gives back to people in need. People that deserve it. Characters we connect with and want the best for.

It’s a fucking decent read my friends. It’s funny, sad, stupid, diverse, harmonious, sexy, fun and REAL! And we know for sure that right now in this shit world we all need that. We all need the love. And that my fabulous book geeking fabulous friends is what So Lucky is. It’s self love that’s what it is.

Do I recommend? Abso-fucking-lutely!

Do I resonate with the characters given to us by O’Porter in SO? More than you will ever know.

Do I feel better about myself being a hairy bastard who can give my husband and his beard a run for his money? Yes, actually, I do.

Am I embarrassed to be telling you all that and owning up to the fact that I am part of a female world that is silent and ashamed and yeti-like? Well, I’m proper beetroot and overheating writing this so am taking that as a big fat yes!

However, I am writing it and I am telling you all, and that my friends comes down to So Lucky. It helped me in realising that we are all not perfect, we all have problems and issues, but we are not alone even though we feel we are. So Lucky helped me see that and I went searching on Instagram and found hundreds and hundreds of people just like me. And for that tiny bit of confidence it gave me will always be why I can never do this book justice with my words.

Thank you Dawn for SO and for keeping it 109% real always! The world needs that and the world needs your books and love.



P.S… I have not and will not be editing this post. Why? Because I wrote it from the top of my head and from my heart. If it’s wrong in any way, I do not care. If it doesn’t make sense or doesn’t flow, oh well! Fuck being right. I like being wrong sometimes 🤷🏻‍♀️

🍩Links to buy:



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🍩Book Details:

Title: So Lucky.

Author: Dawn O’Porter.

Genre: General Fiction.

Length: 400 Pages.

ISBN-10: 0008126070

ISBN-13: 978-000812607.


Publisher: HarperCollins.

Publication Date: October 31st 2019.

🍩About the Author:

DAWN O’PORTER is a Sunday Times bestselling novelist, columnist and broadcaster who lives in Los Angeles with her husband Chris, sons Art and Valentine, cat Lilu and dog Potato. She has made numerous documentaries about all sorts of things: polygamy, childbirth, Geisha, body image, breast cancer and even the movie Dirty Dancing. She is the critically acclaimed author of The Cows, Paper Aeroplanes and Goose.

Dawn also collects vintage clothing, and admits to writing her best work when she is wearing a bonkers seventies dress and her hair is a voluminous bob.

You can learn more about Dawn and her work using the following links:





That’s me done I’m afraid. Thank you so much for joining me today and letting me just talk a million miles an hour at you. I’m sure you’re all used to it by now though. Also, I am gutted that I had to use a brown fucking doughnut. As if there’s no pink ones in the emoji selection. Sort it out apple! Proper messed me aesthetics up there.

Big massive thank you to Dawn herself and our RB over at HC HQ for inviting me onto the tour and sending me out ARC’s!

Book Geeks, you know what to do here. Go buy this fabulous book. It’s Saturday, you deserve a treat. Plus it’s defo boss with an alcoholic beverage alongside it.

See you all soon.

Love as always, N 😘