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Review – Full Toe Yoga Socks

YogaAddict – Full Toe Yoga Socks

Catching up on my emails I spotted a review request that took me by surprise. It was from a company called YogaAddict who specialise in Yoga accessories. They wanted to know if I’d be interested in reviewing their Full Toe Yoga Socks. As you can imagine I was pretty confused by this request and got ready to email over to explain that I actually wrote book reviews. Taking another look at the product details though, an idea hit me. Obviously there’s no chance at all that I would be participating in any type of Yoga or Pilate’s or even dancing for that matter due to my disability, but could they actually help me out with my stability at all? I explained my situation to co-founder of YogaAddict, Richee Wong, and he thought it would be a great idea for me to review them on those grounds.

Two days later after a quick delivery, I had two pairs of Full Toe Yoga Socks and decided to try them straight away. 

Here I am showing them off.  

I have to admit at first they felt a little strange, but after a few minutes they were fine and I found them to be comfortable and no bother at all.

I deliberately put myself in a situation I knew could be tricky for me, standing from sitting on a stone tiled floor. Usually I tend to slide slightly which carries risk of me falling or hurting myself. In position with the help of my husband, he helped me up and I just shot up, I couldn’t help but grin at him, I was shocked and seriously impressed. The grip was so powerful, I felt like I did years back before my pelvis decided to take away my stability. I even sat backdown to do it again. A few steps walking proved that these socks could really be a godsend for me and for people in situations like my own.

Over the next seven days I tried my socks at every possible thing I could think of. During my physio exercises and as ridiculous as it sounds, even in the shower. And, yes, they were just as strong when wet too. They also washed fantastic which is a bonus. I honestly am over the moon with them.

Like I said at the start, I am not the supposed clientele for this product, but I really do think that YogaAddict truly have a smashing product with their Yoga socks. I’ve had mine for over 14 days now and I can say they have helped my greatly. I have been recommending them to everyone I know. A friend for Pilate’s, another for dance, another with a foot disability. Anyone who would listen really.

In my opinion, I think YogaAddict should start stocking these in different colours and with funky patterns. My children were nagging me to try mine and I thought to myself these would be absolutely fantastic for children. I have two boys and since they could stand they have run around crazily. We’ve had numerous accidents were they have slipped and fallen on wooden, tiled, and slippery surfaces regardless of them wearing socks or being bare-footed. These would be perfect for them. Being like gloves for feet would be so much fun for them and would make them want to want to have them on. They would certainly prevent unwanted accidents that’s for sure.

A fantastic versatile product and extremely good value for money.

Overall I award YogaAddict’s Full Toe Yoga Socks a full 5/5. 

Link to full description and to buy:


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