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Review: Her Majesty’s Royal Coven by Juno Dawson.

🔮Blurb: The first in a supernatural new series from the author of Wonderland, Her Majesty’s Royal Coven follows a top secret government department of witches and the deadly threat to the nation that they must confront.

Hidden among us is a secret coven of witches. They are Her Majesty’s Royal Coven. They protect crown and country from magical forces and otherworldly evil. But their greatest enemy will come from within.

There are whisperings of a prophecy that will bring the coven to its knees, and five best friends are about to be caught at the centre. Life as a modern witch was never simple … but now it’s about to get apocalyptic.

Prepare to be bewitched by Juno Dawson’s first adult series. A story of ancient prophecies and modern dating, of sacred sisterhood and demonic frenemies.

🔮My Thoughts: Now I’m a fan of Juno, I won’t lie to you. So I was Very intrigued to have Her Majesty’s Royal Coven as it’s not her usual genre and to be fair, not one I tend to delve into. However, Juno always gives the goods so of course I jumped in.

Juno, Juno, Juno, you clever, clever, CLEVER, bastard!

This is without a single doubt your best work yet. This has by far flew past every book I have ever read and is now my most favourite and best book ever. Honest to god! (Sorry, I mean Gaia).

No, seriously. I don’t have any words that can put together a review that won’t give spoilers but also won’t just be me talking in circles about how good this read actually is.

I do not know how the next book in the series never mind the third is going to top it. However, I do not have any qualms at all about you being able to do so. And I am so fucking excited for the next instalment and back in the sisterhood.

I didn’t want to write it’s about its political side, the social injustice’s and racism it includes. I fear that it may put people off from reading it. You know how people get. ‘Oh be arsed, with a political and proper boring roll-your-eyes kind of book’. But I have to and I have to ask people to not be that way because it’s this that makes it what it is. It’s this that makes it clever. It’s this that gives it its strength and magic. Sometimes I roll my eyes too people and think I can’t deal with something like that right now, but this IS NOT like that. I promise you.

I cannot recommend this book enough. I won’t stop recommending this book enough.

Oh I am in awe and wonder and can do nothing but raise my hands in applause to you Juno. You’re absolutely fucking magical! Bless you, your mind, your struggle, your talent and your love for giving us something so magnificent. Your essence and spirit are in every single part and I can assure you we hear your words. We hear them loudly! Congratulations.

A magical mindfuck of the true meaning of sisterhood.


There are no amount of starts good enough for this book.

P.S.. apologies for the complete rambling and overall mess of this pretend review. I haven’t been like this over a book for a VERY long time.

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🔮Book Details:

Title: Her Majesty’s Royal Coven.

Author: Juno Dawson.

Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy.

Length: 464 Pages.

ISBN-10: 0008478546.

ISBN-13: 978-0008478544.


Publisher: HarperVoyager.

Publication Date:

Hardback – July 21st 2022.

ebook – July 21st 2022.

Audiobook – July 21st 2022.

Paperback- June 8th 2023.

🔮Author Details:

Juno Dawson is a bestselling novelist, screenwriter, journalist, and a columnist for Attitude Magazine. Juno’s books include the global bestsellers, THIS BOOK IS GAY and CLEAN. She won the 2020 YA Book Prize for MEAT MARKET. Her first adult fantasy trilogy HER MAJESTY’S ROYAL COVEN arrives in 2022.

She also writes for television and has multiple shows in development both in the UK and US. Her debut short film was THE BIRTH OF VENUS (BBC 2020) and she created the first official Doctor Who scripted podcast DOCTOR WHO: REDACTED (BBC Sounds 2022). An occasional actress and model, Juno had a cameo in the BBC’s I MAY DESTROY YOU (2020), a recurring role in HOLBY CITY (BBC 2021) and was the face of Jecca Cosmetics Play Pots campaign.

Juno grew up in West Yorkshire, writing imaginary episodes of Doctor Who. She later turned her talent to journalism, interviewing luminaries such as Steps and Atomic Kitten, before writing a weekly serial in a Brighton newspaper. Her writing has appeared in Glamour, The Pool, Dazed and the Guardian. She has appeared on Pointless Celebrities, BBC Women’s Hour, Front Row, ITV News, Channel 5 News, This Morning and Newsnight.

Juno lives in Brighton. She is a part of the queer cabaret collective known as CLUB SILENCIO. In 2014, Juno became a School Role Model for the charity STONEWALL.

You can find Juno at the following socials






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